Struggling to blog

It’s been a while since I started this blog.  Been kind of lazy when it comes to this, well thats not the only reason. I had tried a few times, but I would just go blank with the cursor blinking in the title field.  I had almost given up, but during past couple of days, Imthiaz Rafiq (my buddy and team mate) started pushing me to post something. So here I am.

Upgraded WordPress after a long time. They have done an amazing job with the new version. Love it!. Especially the plugin installer and media handling. Was hoping to see some changes in the Custom Fields, but it is still the same.  Even though Ajax is used quite a lot throughout the backend interface, still feels very light. Code wise slowly but steadily moving towards OOP.

Thanks to Martin Diessner and Varun Rampal who recently started blogging for additonal inspiration 🙂

5 thoughts on “Struggling to blog”

  1. @Martin – Thanks for stopping by. Installed the All in One SEO Pack, thanks for the tip. I know the first thing you would have done is check the missing title attribute on links 🙂

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