MINI Cooper campaign in Dubai

MINI Cooper promotion

If you are from Dubai and happened to visit Dubai Media City around DMC Bldg 14, you have probably seen a mini cooper in middle of a roundabout enclosed in a wooden and glass box. I liked the Idea, its something different, or at least I haven’t seen this before. But something similar was done by Samsung or Sony Ericsson on roundabouts in DMC.

But I wonder what would be their budgets for such a campaign. I am not an expert on advertising but a simple google search on “mini cooper dubai” doesn’t even bring up the dealer website in first 3 result pages (didn’t check the 4th page though). Haven’t seen any ads supporting this campaign on any of the middle east portals as well. An online campaign which highlights the power and features of this tiny thing should have been there to support the offline campaign.

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  1. HI,

    did you happen to find out the advertising agency who rendered the mini cooper advertising campaign?

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