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Storing backups of important documents, photos, videos etc. is really a pain if you need to do it yourself. I lost couple of portable hard drives and lost some data forever. I tried to use a lot of free methods to backup like using GMail with some free tools. These are only workarounds and not really usable long term solution. Then i tried using Amazon S3 which is an amazing service, but you can’t manage the files online. For that you would have to use JungleDisk which adds to the cost. I tried the free Dropbox account for a while, but not what I wanted. It doesn’t let you backup your separately and not have everything synced across all computers. And there are no plans lower than $99/year for 50GB. I waited for a few months for them to introduce a 25 – 30 GB plan. If you check their forums, there is a new thread everyday asking for a lower end plan, so it seemed to me that its not gonna happen anytime soon.

Then I tried Sugarsync. At first I was skeptical as there were reviews about it being slow, but still I gave it a try with a 30GB trial account which is $49.99/year. But the upload was fast, and around 5GB of my data got uploaded in about 16 hours. My quest stops here for now. It has everything I need including an iPhone application which is a bit slow, but I can live with that. Here are some of the features listed on their website.

  • Online backup
  • Multi-computer sync (Mac and Windows)
  • Remote access
  • Mobile phone access (iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile)
  • Music & photos
  • Sharing
  • Data security

So, I am another happy sugarsync user and I hope to see more enhancements to the Mac version of the software which is currently in beta.

Tip: They are currently running a promotion, you can get 10GB extra! if you use my referral link

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