Mediatemple vs Westhost

I have been using Westhost for mine and my wife’s blogs. It was a VPS account and was quite cheap. But sometimes it would slow down really bad. I looked around on internet and decided to go with mediatemple.

But before switching I just wanted to check the performance on both servers using LoadImpact online load testing service.

Here are the results.

On Westhost VPS

Loadimpact results on westhost VPS

On mediatemple grid service

Loadimpact results on mediatemple grid service

You can see for yourself, westhost VPS almost stopped working with a load of 20 clients and mediatemple scales without any problems to 50 clients.

Please note this is just a comparison of pure speed and that too of different types of hosting VPS vs Grid-Service and I am not an expert on different hosting providers.

So, would I still recommend Westhost? absolutely!. If you are an open source developer looking to learn or develop in multiple languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and Java, Westhost VPS is cheap and best. If you are looking to scale your website then mediatemple would be a better option.

Let me know what your experience has been with different hosting providers in comments.