WordPress plugin as a facebook application

Couple of weeks back, I was asked to give a presentation at the first “Facebook Developer Garage – Dubai“.
The agenda was

  1. facebook & flip
  2. application development
  3. demo app

I had about 45 minutes and had planned to create a small demo app live during the session. Due to the nature of this development environment, files had to be edited directly off the server. Although the reverse SSH tunnel kind of worked, but for some reason facebook failed to connect, so had to drop the plan. 

Demo could have been another mysmiley like sample application, but I wanted to do something useful but quick. Needed some kind of existing application on the top of which this facebook application could be built. Since wordpress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms, this seemed like a good option. Creating a wordpress plugin is really easy, all you need is a comment block with the plugin details and you just throw in some hooks you need to get started. So this made wordpress a perfect choice for the demo. 

WordPress site for the demo was supposed to be a portfolio site for multiple users. And this plugin would act as a facebook application frontend of this supposedly existing website.

Due to the lack of time and a terrible internet connection at the venue the demo couldn’t get far, and I had to end it. Some of the programmers at the event had asked if they could get a completed sample of the application I was building. So, here it is.

Please note that this sample does not take care of caching or proper privacy checks. I might create a complete version of this sample app and release it later.

Download Plugin 53.5 kB

Here are some screenshots